Zombie funGUS!

In response to the Zombie meme as it relates to scientific research (Click here):
  I will make sure to notice any green stuff coming out of the ears or nose of my fellow humans.
Wow, crazee! funGUS.
The talk from the experts regarding the ineptitude of there on-screen doppelgangers is true.
   But since the advent of the Actors Studio, and in example Dustin Hoffman’s role in the Marathon Man, it’s only due to the lack of an expert being on the set.
These days most actors- and I know for a fact since I ran the cameras for Actor Studio classes-are nearly but sub-division of the new york police dept.
  The barrage of electrode rays on the eyes of its audience, expose a machine (tv) for training the masses for Martial exercises in surveillance, evidence retrieval, restraint, and most important, cold objective journalistic fact-eating and vomiting. 
   Aside from the ubiquitous zombie flick, vampire make-out sessions and virus invasions form space…you will notice that most of the popular show on tv START with the discovery of a dead body. A soulless body, with no way of telling you its story without the aid of forever backward thinking utilitarian techno-savvy copper scientists.
The executive business suit has replace the white lab coat.
This of course is probably being discussed in the hip Mcluhan media classes dont you think….?