Keep on the look out for the real on screen adaptation of the invisible man.
The HG Wells version is a truly dark and viscous attack on morality.
I here Del toro and terry gilliam are involved…is that true?
im gonna look for the Paul Verhoeven version…I love Verhoeven’s work.
the sardonic tone of Wells work is a critliscm and personal distaste for the
newly discovered darwinian theory and its application by scientists versus
the moral gentlemanly approach to the natural world at the time…
Look at our dualistic government eating its own hand….
London scandales gonna pave the way for a tea party revolution part two
My personal opinion is that England is once again screwin’ with us in an attempt at 
starting a civil war AGAIN…look at how theve taken over our media
listening to our phone calls….hoarding all the gold and it will be them that 
decides if America defaults on its loans….England is taking us down
not entirely but its helping the problems to balloon
american idol, you got talent piers anthony
celebrity dance…all fodder for scandal..
not even jesus christ could defend himself from these guys
miss ya…
ps i sent a board game to esquire SF
  a jurisprudence board game from the 70’s