Left v. Right



Alot of these heated debates and conflicts between religious and non-religious peoples is a big misunderstanding of the language they share in describing their personal worlds.
The religous are caught up in traditional conservatively cautious and classic definitions based on good and evil.  They live in a world of romance while at the same time indenial of romantic description.  There god is many faced and infinite.
The non-religous are attached to scientific objective theory and liberal definitons based on right and wrong.
The scientific are stuck in a rigid system that reigns supreme until its inevitable failure/evolution to a new system comes along…they have also replaced God with a vaccuum that annihilates all life which tries to enter it.

Its the words….fundamentalists always take things literally…they worship the signs the icons and the symbols and thus they live in a world a meaningless meaning and flux and conflict and argument until it drives them to act in violence.

Sloth and ennui.  Gluttony and greed. They exchange their words like cash. and eat it like candy. There world is a world in which they interract with it through their MOUTHS. Stomachs with legs. dogs. barking. in packs. following alpha to the omega.
How come the agnostics are never yelling and burning.