Full frontal Mutiny

A friend of the “D” writes:
Yours truly was in L.A. for nine days recently and only checked this briefly during.
…gET dOWn,,,,,,watermelon maN!
gET your ass on strate!
(or aS the homeless man once said in Seattle:
“better get your ass back to heaven!”(grumble dialect)—
not to me, to other pASsersby
cuz I got my OwN grasp of the fourth sentence,
but I’d scribe contem’prary
in a pinch
Pippi Slaughter
Full Frontal Mutiny

The “D’s”  reply:

Meloncholics cant stop eatn’ watermelons!
oh dem watermelons…oh dem watermelons…I wanna be a watermelon mannnn!
Hip hip…Hip hip heyeah!

When black humor and violence blends with white drugs and rocknroll you got the contemprary style.

hip hop porno pop…forty from da corner shop
murder it now bag it low put it near da ground…
snap crackle pop…smoke it from the top
criminilize-it sanitize-it flatten in out…
baby oil pacifier talcum in the nose
bust a cap one hand clap crooked baseball cap
come comb cum dumb suckn on my thumb  YO!