The return of the "D"

Bobby article today...has now made as matter of fact...

the co-habitation of Neanders and Homos!

They met in the Levant etc. etc.

THis is the first time in a standard period review the

"almost as though its always been the story..." (my impression/words)

but significant... neaders and homos were seperate but equal...

its all downhill from here.

now why do I harp this subject? why do I get in a panic when this

shlock anthro-ilogic white-wash is presented to the publick?

well, to some degree...i repeat to some degree...

"The West" will never learn from its mistakes...

never solve its problems completely, always fall back on

hard times that previous generations thought were over...

will not basically reconcile all the contradicting dualities and

flip-flops of morals economic,health,politics, etc....

What I mean is,lot of shit., alot  of wasted time...time being the last thing

we want to waste in this expanding,speeding,reeling,spinning,maelstrom

we call history.

Back to point: so what about Neandertals and Modern Homo's

so what if one followed the other or the other way around, or who

was first and which one of us is the on...

Two people met.

They had alot of things in common; but there were differences.

So be it, one of them gained the upper hand and we to this day

suffer those consequences.

This meeting of the two lead to one of us.

And it was every man for himself when a son took the side of his mother

or a daughter disobeyed a father, but when someone can step aside and

see where it was he came from, from whom he must decide to take as  law

the lay of the land...we reach a new position with a new man...

and he sets out into the wilderness to find his place and his own people

whether they are out there or not.

Oh the Lebanon... remember The Human League song?

Well on that fate filled day, Sasquatch and The Grey came face to face.

greasy, thick stout matted and gracefull lean tall naked

from shadowy cave in ice and snow from sun drenched savannah

matriarch meets patriarch

dreamer meets weaver

sister moon brother sun

the bear the stag............

nancy pelosi and the pope.