U.S. Patent No. 4686605

Here is the source of all the fears of all the conspiracy theorists/fearists who believe in apocalyptic government interference through science.

http://www.eastlundscience.com/  [ OH, BY THE WAY, THE LINK HAS BEEN LIQUIDATED ]

 Bernard J. EastlundThis is the man who put it on paper, who patented it and then lost it to the military complex.

The reason for the atomic bomb.
The cause behind the space shuttle disaster.
Hurricane Katrina.
The Tsunami.
The earthquakes in Pakistan.
The crash of the French airbus in the atlantic…….etc.

US Patent No. 4686605. The patent to end all patents.
Look it up and please read from beginning to end, people. It will freak you out.

read it slowly and from beginning to end.

Art by Steven Swift