Red Truck

Remember those bygone days of country roads and single stop sign towns of Oregon?
Where the fear of the lord be gettn’ you down.
And theres only one corner to stand on in that old town.

Brothers and sisters and elders beware the nubile eruptions begotten beneath the bed covers and roofs of the quaint lil’ homesteads.
Lo and behold that shiny new car just a settn’ dare all free and pretty.
My key to freedom be dat dare key in the hole I see.

THe devils in the back seat now lookn at me in the rearview mirror…with a sly smile he gives me a wink!

East coast west coast mexicoast white toast.
Gone now the elders and there long sticks and curses
Gone now the mess halls and stews made in haste and with waste.
Now behold brother Sisters -  now behold Brother Sister Suckerfish!!!!

….Will Pat take the truck for $850
Hope you dont mind da pohtree