Velocity Method exposed

Brother Ongitar,

Hail from Brother Ondrum of the western frontier.  Soul brother from the Middle Kingdom.

Judah found a very interesting reference to Sufi visionary practices being put into concise teachable exercisable formats for initiates and laymen.

A Scottish-Jewish Sufi Cabal intended for the laying of a foundation for converting through dialogue or, battle the end to the Mohammedan influence in the Levant.

A certain wack had begun to dissent  this knowledge to the heads of certain elite leaders of martial ecumenical mercenary/missionaries and nationals of certain northern lands under certain esoteric leagues.

Building psychic spaces…integrating sepiroth…hypnagogic/harmonic techniques…psycho-sexual practices.

and brought to a head as late as the 40/s

If I had a Hammer, I’d hammer in the….