Canna Bruddah get a GOOD BOOK?

You see, a good book will always be the “state of the art.”
1975. Stan Gooch said this!
Donovan (me) preached to all the Polk st. denizens the truth of their ancestors.
The repercussions are the next surprize…
imagine the imagination it will take to use this new truth.
Freud will be rolling in his grave, Jung…
you realize the unmoving mover, the kernel within this regurgitated truth, is the enemy of progress!…down with history! rize up Rhizomic wisdom!
the ancients, the eyeless ones! 
So the ego and the id iz just a caveman and homo at odds…

I’ll talk a little more sense 2moro…my baby’za crying; my lil Neanderthal is tired.

Can I get some Rhizome in my stew?