When the Devil elopes


He takes just one hag

A toothbrush and a bag

He don’t take no bus nor a horse

He prefers to use his hand


He goes out to the crossroad and thumbs a ride

For him and his new bride

He say, “hey baby stand at the side a da road

While I go to the bushes and drop a load.

Hey baby stick out a leg, we can get lucky that way.


So out to the road covered in dirt

Goes his old lady to hitch up her skirt

The devil sits down in the ditch

Keeping an eye on his old bitch


With the sun still rising in the east

Birds on the wire with their backs to the heat

Comes an old jalopy, shiny and neat


Like a boat on the water the road looking wet

With the waves of heat


The devils old lady calls out to her man

To hide in the bushes so not to be seen

The devils old lady calls to her groom

To hide in the bushes to giver her some room


The lady eyeing the prize

Tells the dark prince to close his eyes


She jumps in the car slams the door

Tells the driver to put his foot to the floor


The devil had realized

Before he’s opened his eyes

Not a moment too soon he’s a jilted groom


Down the road in a cloud of dust

Goes his ex-bride in boyfriend’s new ride.


The Devil’s always up to sumthin’