Larkin street Noise - shadddup!

Hello Lawrence,

I’m using this old e-mail as a return reply to emphasize the fact that the new tenants have never ceased to be a noise problem from this original complaint up until my last complaint early this morning @4:30am.

We have - since the original complaint - made an effort to talk to them personally.
They are always congenial but apparently completely unaware.

Since the original complaint in Oct. 09- which was a giant brawl that Victor and I had to break up by physically separating them- since then, I could count easily at least 1 event, IF NOT 2, every week since they moved in that would warrant an official complaint.

Since then, I could count at least 20 times that we had to let them in the building because they lost their keys.  This would be from anytime in the day to as early as 3am and once even @5am.  This would start by them actually BUZZING DOORBELLS at these unusual times of the morn.
When it isn’t the case of us opening doors for them, it is for a selection of all kinds of their Art  Academy peers who DO HAVE KEYS of their own.
It was their friends that tagged this building and the whole neighborhood in their first month with GRAFFITI that Victor then painted over.

Now add to this the running historical fact that they use the living room for a DJ recording and practice studio…
Although it is mostly, but not only reserved to the daytime hours…it means wall-shaking BASS BEATS for as long as up to 5 hour stretches, I am not kidding.
They have been keeping it down with what they describe as homemade soundproofing. But since they have turned 21, they still seem to treat this tenancy as merely an unattached bedroom from their parents house or more likely a dorm room of the Art Academy.

Please call me for the details.
PS. I had sent a request for plumbing a week ago but did not receive a reply.  I have some leaking bathroom pipes and need a new toilet seal.