Graffiti. What is it?

Graffiti. What is it?
I was looking at a doorway the other day, and all around it were the “tags” of different
dudes.  I will call the tagger a “dude”. 
All across the door/ the walls/ the staircase were the traditional “scrips” and “blurbs”.
Also, there in the corner was an even older tag.  Although only a few hours old,
it was definitely the original version of graffiti.  It was the slithering piss mark.
The slow snake of poverty writhing down the slope.
Why is graffiti so common among the minorities?
Why is stenciling so common among the whites?
Why is graffiti art being” hung “on our gallery walls.
Why is it now that even a freight car in northern Wisconsin -far from the maddening crowd of gas-huffing, rainbow-fingered youth- has, as it drips down the ironsides, the mark…the tag of the urban scream. 
I think the language is moving those arms. 
I think the language demands to be heard.
I think the language is living through us.
I think these people are compelled to do it.
just like a man is compelled to piss in the corner when he cant hold it any longer.
Kryon tears of despair.