As usual,  with the elusive shadow of black comedy/tragedy in its subtext,  you are informative, succinct and  I am in full agreement with your view on the Glock.  The John Stuart Mill of handguns.  Rationality made manifest.  Don’t get me wrong, but your change of weapon in relation to the change of weather and fashion brings to my mind some silly scene where you describe what you like to carry when in the shower…e.g
“My morning shower weapon of choice is the 870 Wingmaster Marine in Stainless steel hung in the african sling-style loaded with a roll of dimes….
Seriously, thanks for your advice.  By the way, the Colt, is that something like a collekters piece?

Glocked and loaded

About the bookstuffs…I wholeheartedly implore you to read: The autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini.
It is the most bawdy, rowdy, god-fearing, gun-toting, renaissance art making, self-absorbed, classic fork-tongued jabberwocky, wacka-ding-hoy of a book!
 It’s filled with crack-pot arquebus shooting with all kinds of pre-columbian ammo aimed at a rogues gallery of saints and sinners - from popes to dopes- all the while, beautiful silver clad vomitories and brooches of gold are whipped up in a glorious iconic frenzy!
I propose anyone with an interest in high-art, high adventure, black powder and plague,should read this book!