The return of the "D"

Bobby article today...has now made as matter of fact...

the co-habitation of Neanders and Homos!

They met in the Levant etc. etc.

THis is the first time in a standard period review the

"almost as though its always been the story..." (my impression/words)

but significant... neaders and homos were seperate but equal...

its all downhill from here.

now why do I harp this subject? why do I get in a panic when this

shlock anthro-ilogic white-wash is presented to the publick?

well, to some degree...i repeat to some degree...

"The West" will never learn from its mistakes...

never solve its problems completely, always fall back on

hard times that previous generations thought were over...

will not basically reconcile all the contradicting dualities and

flip-flops of morals economic,health,politics, etc....

What I mean is,lot of shit., alot  of wasted time...time being the last thing

we want to waste in this expanding,speeding,reeling,spinning,maelstrom

we call history.

Back to point: so what about Neandertals and Modern Homo's

so what if one followed the other or the other way around, or who

was first and which one of us is the on...

Two people met.

They had alot of things in common; but there were differences.

So be it, one of them gained the upper hand and we to this day

suffer those consequences.

This meeting of the two lead to one of us.

And it was every man for himself when a son took the side of his mother

or a daughter disobeyed a father, but when someone can step aside and

see where it was he came from, from whom he must decide to take as  law

the lay of the land...we reach a new position with a new man...

and he sets out into the wilderness to find his place and his own people

whether they are out there or not.

Oh the Lebanon... remember The Human League song?

Well on that fate filled day, Sasquatch and The Grey came face to face.

greasy, thick stout matted and gracefull lean tall naked

from shadowy cave in ice and snow from sun drenched savannah

matriarch meets patriarch

dreamer meets weaver

sister moon brother sun

the bear the stag............

nancy pelosi and the pope.

When the Devil elopes


He takes just one hag

A toothbrush and a bag

He don’t take no bus nor a horse

He prefers to use his hand


He goes out to the crossroad and thumbs a ride

For him and his new bride

He say, “hey baby stand at the side a da road

While I go to the bushes and drop a load.

Hey baby stick out a leg, we can get lucky that way.


So out to the road covered in dirt

Goes his old lady to hitch up her skirt

The devil sits down in the ditch

Keeping an eye on his old bitch


With the sun still rising in the east

Birds on the wire with their backs to the heat

Comes an old jalopy, shiny and neat


Like a boat on the water the road looking wet

With the waves of heat


The devils old lady calls out to her man

To hide in the bushes so not to be seen

The devils old lady calls to her groom

To hide in the bushes to giver her some room


The lady eyeing the prize

Tells the dark prince to close his eyes


She jumps in the car slams the door

Tells the driver to put his foot to the floor


The devil had realized

Before he’s opened his eyes

Not a moment too soon he’s a jilted groom


Down the road in a cloud of dust

Goes his ex-bride in boyfriend’s new ride.


The Devil’s always up to sumthin’


Larkin street Noise - shadddup!

Hello Lawrence,

I’m using this old e-mail as a return reply to emphasize the fact that the new tenants have never ceased to be a noise problem from this original complaint up until my last complaint early this morning @4:30am.

We have - since the original complaint - made an effort to talk to them personally.
They are always congenial but apparently completely unaware.

Since the original complaint in Oct. 09- which was a giant brawl that Victor and I had to break up by physically separating them- since then, I could count easily at least 1 event, IF NOT 2, every week since they moved in that would warrant an official complaint.

Since then, I could count at least 20 times that we had to let them in the building because they lost their keys.  This would be from anytime in the day to as early as 3am and once even @5am.  This would start by them actually BUZZING DOORBELLS at these unusual times of the morn.
When it isn’t the case of us opening doors for them, it is for a selection of all kinds of their Art  Academy peers who DO HAVE KEYS of their own.
It was their friends that tagged this building and the whole neighborhood in their first month with GRAFFITI that Victor then painted over.

Now add to this the running historical fact that they use the living room for a DJ recording and practice studio…
Although it is mostly, but not only reserved to the daytime hours…it means wall-shaking BASS BEATS for as long as up to 5 hour stretches, I am not kidding.
They have been keeping it down with what they describe as homemade soundproofing. But since they have turned 21, they still seem to treat this tenancy as merely an unattached bedroom from their parents house or more likely a dorm room of the Art Academy.

Please call me for the details.
PS. I had sent a request for plumbing a week ago but did not receive a reply.  I have some leaking bathroom pipes and need a new toilet seal.




Trojan-unga bunga-War!

News just out that the recent findings related to the Neanderthal genome mapping leads the experts to forward a theory positing that modern humans Cro-mags bred with neanderthals creating modern humans……!!!!!!!!!

AND….that the cro-mags they bred with were not of african stock!!!!!

And that they met somewhere in the middle east…!!! not africa not europe not asia….

Now, how long have I been telling youz guys that my theory was that:

1. Neanderthals bred with crom-mags and we are the hybrid.

2. That the cro-mags came from somewhere along the western end of the Himalayas…via a long walk along the northern side form siberia

3. That they come to a head and have a social war for about 15,000 years in and around the middle east where there two paths would cross intermittently resulting in sexual and commerical intrigues. persuant on the recede and advance of the ice ages.

4. The story that all the great stories tell.  Trojan war, Jericho, BaghavidGita……………………………………….The greatest love story of all time.

This is the power of intuition/imagination over science.

am i rite?

Hellz - mutha fuck- yeah you’re rite, D…Hellz yeah.

Full frontal Mutiny

A friend of the “D” writes:
Yours truly was in L.A. for nine days recently and only checked this briefly during.
…gET dOWn,,,,,,watermelon maN!
gET your ass on strate!
(or aS the homeless man once said in Seattle:
“better get your ass back to heaven!”(grumble dialect)—
not to me, to other pASsersby
cuz I got my OwN grasp of the fourth sentence,
but I’d scribe contem’prary
in a pinch
Pippi Slaughter
Full Frontal Mutiny

The “D’s”  reply:

Meloncholics cant stop eatn’ watermelons!
oh dem watermelons…oh dem watermelons…I wanna be a watermelon mannnn!
Hip hip…Hip hip heyeah!

When black humor and violence blends with white drugs and rocknroll you got the contemprary style.

hip hop porno pop…forty from da corner shop
murder it now bag it low put it near da ground…
snap crackle pop…smoke it from the top
criminilize-it sanitize-it flatten in out…
baby oil pacifier talcum in the nose
bust a cap one hand clap crooked baseball cap
come comb cum dumb suckn on my thumb  YO!

Our Human Reserve

D’s response to a friend’s constant request to “shake the fist at the establisment.”:

We have very similiar points of view on many things political.
I have learned and advocated many of the same things you have
made clear to me.  We have worked together with the radio on
through many administrations and war.  What you say about
economics is right as far as most anyone can see it.  I am 
proud of your stance on taxes a la the “Freemen” movement and
your personal interests in defining employment on your own terms.
You have always been an inspiration for me when it comes to 
examples of making a living and doing what needs to be done.

Whether we are liberal-minded conservatives, or conservative liberals -
whatever we would be called - I think we are of the same ilk.

I have come to think of myself as more of a Existential Activist:
someone that demands movement to be towards a fuller sense 
of being alive.  I need to leave behind some of my original
political leanings as purely political and having nothing to do
with living a human existence….
Money, finance,economy, taxes, wages, IRS, gold, silver, credit…etc.
are losing any real relevance for me in how I am to be an American.
One is either rich or poor, freeman or slave.  Today I saw a commercial
where each man and woman walked through their lives carrying under
their arms a number -  that number was their networth!

There are going to be events that will seem to be fueled by oppression,
poverty and race, but they are only to be explained as man not having
what he wants/needs…based on his access to resources/bank.

What is happening is that the lowest common denominator is money.
Not peace/ love/happiness/safety/art/health/energy/ faith/honor/grief
/pain/fear/hate/life or death….but a number… an absolutely arbitrary
man-made, self-eflecting, abstract, meaningless symbol.
And it causes war and famine, pestilence and death.
Not because it can but because we let it be the reason.
We are money now.  And if the FederalReserve/Illuminati/gods
make it,  move it and take it away.. then we  have sold our souls/bodies
to a bunch of thoughtless swinging-ball sacks, who blow farts through golden
flutes, while they try to “get it up” to muzak-tracked pornographic commercials,
before buffet tables stacked high with african black flesh steak sandwiches,
and blood wine.
The people you can touch and smell and see and speak to, are the real ones.
What you have in your hands is what you own.  
But if its represented by a number, or, made-to-happen with an electric-button, or appears in black ink…its bullshit.             And its a game that has to end, not just on game night.
Tonight.  I want to smell it. And it ought to be able to feel pain when I
inflict it.

D f B


Zombie funGUS!

In response to the Zombie meme as it relates to scientific research (Click here):
  I will make sure to notice any green stuff coming out of the ears or nose of my fellow humans.
Wow, crazee! funGUS.
The talk from the experts regarding the ineptitude of there on-screen doppelgangers is true.
   But since the advent of the Actors Studio, and in example Dustin Hoffman’s role in the Marathon Man, it’s only due to the lack of an expert being on the set.
These days most actors- and I know for a fact since I ran the cameras for Actor Studio classes-are nearly but sub-division of the new york police dept.
  The barrage of electrode rays on the eyes of its audience, expose a machine (tv) for training the masses for Martial exercises in surveillance, evidence retrieval, restraint, and most important, cold objective journalistic fact-eating and vomiting. 
   Aside from the ubiquitous zombie flick, vampire make-out sessions and virus invasions form space…you will notice that most of the popular show on tv START with the discovery of a dead body. A soulless body, with no way of telling you its story without the aid of forever backward thinking utilitarian techno-savvy copper scientists.
The executive business suit has replace the white lab coat.
This of course is probably being discussed in the hip Mcluhan media classes dont you think….?





As usual,  with the elusive shadow of black comedy/tragedy in its subtext,  you are informative, succinct and  I am in full agreement with your view on the Glock.  The John Stuart Mill of handguns.  Rationality made manifest.  Don’t get me wrong, but your change of weapon in relation to the change of weather and fashion brings to my mind some silly scene where you describe what you like to carry when in the shower…e.g
“My morning shower weapon of choice is the 870 Wingmaster Marine in Stainless steel hung in the african sling-style loaded with a roll of dimes….
Seriously, thanks for your advice.  By the way, the Colt, is that something like a collekters piece?

Glocked and loaded

About the bookstuffs…I wholeheartedly implore you to read: The autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini.
It is the most bawdy, rowdy, god-fearing, gun-toting, renaissance art making, self-absorbed, classic fork-tongued jabberwocky, wacka-ding-hoy of a book!
 It’s filled with crack-pot arquebus shooting with all kinds of pre-columbian ammo aimed at a rogues gallery of saints and sinners - from popes to dopes- all the while, beautiful silver clad vomitories and brooches of gold are whipped up in a glorious iconic frenzy!
I propose anyone with an interest in high-art, high adventure, black powder and plague,should read this book!



Graffiti. What is it?

Graffiti. What is it?
I was looking at a doorway the other day, and all around it were the “tags” of different
dudes.  I will call the tagger a “dude”. 
All across the door/ the walls/ the staircase were the traditional “scrips” and “blurbs”.
Also, there in the corner was an even older tag.  Although only a few hours old,
it was definitely the original version of graffiti.  It was the slithering piss mark.
The slow snake of poverty writhing down the slope.
Why is graffiti so common among the minorities?
Why is stenciling so common among the whites?
Why is graffiti art being” hung “on our gallery walls.
Why is it now that even a freight car in northern Wisconsin -far from the maddening crowd of gas-huffing, rainbow-fingered youth- has, as it drips down the ironsides, the mark…the tag of the urban scream. 
I think the language is moving those arms. 
I think the language demands to be heard.
I think the language is living through us.
I think these people are compelled to do it.
just like a man is compelled to piss in the corner when he cant hold it any longer.
Kryon tears of despair.


Canna Bruddah get a GOOD BOOK?

You see, a good book will always be the “state of the art.”
1975. Stan Gooch said this!
Donovan (me) preached to all the Polk st. denizens the truth of their ancestors.
The repercussions are the next surprize…
imagine the imagination it will take to use this new truth.
Freud will be rolling in his grave, Jung…
you realize the unmoving mover, the kernel within this regurgitated truth, is the enemy of progress!…down with history! rize up Rhizomic wisdom!
the ancients, the eyeless ones! 
So the ego and the id iz just a caveman and homo at odds…

I’ll talk a little more sense 2moro…my baby’za crying; my lil Neanderthal is tired.

Can I get some Rhizome in my stew?

Velocity Method exposed

Brother Ongitar,

Hail from Brother Ondrum of the western frontier.  Soul brother from the Middle Kingdom.

Judah found a very interesting reference to Sufi visionary practices being put into concise teachable exercisable formats for initiates and laymen.

A Scottish-Jewish Sufi Cabal intended for the laying of a foundation for converting through dialogue or, battle the end to the Mohammedan influence in the Levant.

A certain wack had begun to dissent  this knowledge to the heads of certain elite leaders of martial ecumenical mercenary/missionaries and nationals of certain northern lands under certain esoteric leagues.

Building psychic spaces…integrating sepiroth…hypnagogic/harmonic techniques…psycho-sexual practices.

and brought to a head as late as the 40/s

If I had a Hammer, I’d hammer in the….

A Pig by any other Name...

three little pigs.  each one resides in a shelter of its choosing.  Mechanically inclined they be.
along comes a stranger.  And this stranger puts to test each of the pigs.  one by one their worlds come to ruin.  
h1n1 no one is having fun
bird flu I say shoo shoo
go away hey hey…
send me a byte.   man.  or all u gonna get is some more nonsense.
son of nun


Soooo Punk Rock

Hyperventilating with Georg Simmel


I’m hyperventilating with excitement, pacing the small hole of an office.

Biting my lip to keep from proclaiming ‘EUREKA’!

A simple man of this century, a pisces,  but two days from my own birth date, has already written the book that will put any modern man to shame.

GEORG SIMMEL is CRAZY SMART….this is the SUMMA of the pre-WW1 world!

click on the pic for more on G. Simmel

This is the theory that was written in the very words uttered by the first dude to trade anything for somethin’ else, whether it be piece a bread, piece of wood, piece a ass’.

HALLEluja, the lord has CUMeth

u see man……its the ability to grasp the effects of distance, on the mind..and I mean all kinds of distance…….for instancethis.

I’m sick with this endless stream of words…STOP THE PRESSES until we can read all that depresses us, and then we can move on to playn’ with the sounds and make music with all the shit stuck between the pages of those things we like to burn as books.


DONO in agon………………………………………………………………………………………………………

miss u man!

William Blake

W Blake and his entourage were CRAZY! 
I’m reading some new stuff: they have used technology to take off alot of the clothes in his paintings
and there be BIG - and I mean BIG-  peniseses’ss !!

Want a good story??
Read about Count Zinzendorf and his son Christel……..crazy worhip’n in the US before the revolution…
talk’n bout free-love transvestite orgies - and this was all happen’n close to George Washington’s house!

the summer of love 1758!!!! man, and what followed?
the summer of love 1969!!! and what followed?

let me know what u think…workn on some cool theories about art and slavery and sex/sects.

Donovan: 3rd level half-orc monk with bag of holding…open hand combat +1
Lawful neutral…for now.

Check out the William Blake archive here

Red Truck

Remember those bygone days of country roads and single stop sign towns of Oregon?
Where the fear of the lord be gettn’ you down.
And theres only one corner to stand on in that old town.

Brothers and sisters and elders beware the nubile eruptions begotten beneath the bed covers and roofs of the quaint lil’ homesteads.
Lo and behold that shiny new car just a settn’ dare all free and pretty.
My key to freedom be dat dare key in the hole I see.

THe devils in the back seat now lookn at me in the rearview mirror…with a sly smile he gives me a wink!

East coast west coast mexicoast white toast.
Gone now the elders and there long sticks and curses
Gone now the mess halls and stews made in haste and with waste.
Now behold brother Sisters -  now behold Brother Sister Suckerfish!!!!

….Will Pat take the truck for $850
Hope you dont mind da pohtree

U.S. Patent No. 4686605

Here is the source of all the fears of all the conspiracy theorists/fearists who believe in apocalyptic government interference through science.  [ OH, BY THE WAY, THE LINK HAS BEEN LIQUIDATED ]

 Bernard J. EastlundThis is the man who put it on paper, who patented it and then lost it to the military complex.

The reason for the atomic bomb.
The cause behind the space shuttle disaster.
Hurricane Katrina.
The Tsunami.
The earthquakes in Pakistan.
The crash of the French airbus in the atlantic…….etc.

US Patent No. 4686605. The patent to end all patents.
Look it up and please read from beginning to end, people. It will freak you out.

read it slowly and from beginning to end.

Art by Steven Swift

Where's the "D"?

I know,  I know…it’s been a looooooooong time since there was a post by Donovan. It’s coming. I told him I was gonna talk to him Monday, and his response was:

  “Will be waiting…glass in hand…profile in shadow…smoke rising…the sound of rain on the sash…”

I hope that wets everyone’s palette a little. Until then, I have this: